OUATIMD Review – More drama, less realism

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara , the movie that has fell much more short of its prequel Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai the movie about a rising young ambitious gangster Shoaib Khan,who seeks to overthrow Underworld ace Sultan Mirza.

The movie revolves around the love triangle between  Shoaib Khan(played by Akhsay Kumar) as the undisputed underworld don of Bombay (or rather Mumbai) ,Aslam(played by Imran Khan) a street tapori and Shoaib Khan’s right hand and an aspiring starlte Jasmine(played by Sonakshi Sinha).

onceuponatimesinmumbaaidobara OUATIMD Review   More drama, less realism

Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobarra

Not only is the film like a spoof of the original One Upon a Time in Mumbai, but Akshay Kumar looks like a loud-mouth Punjabi who’s lost his way and suddenly decided he wants to be dangerous. He keeps saying that he’s going to do something bad but that never happens. Just because you grow a sleazy moustache and part your hair on the side doesn’t make you a don. Akshay had none of the smouldering, coolness of Ajay Devgan. Imran Khan on the other hand is desperately trying to wean himself away from the chocolate boy image. But guess what? Why change perfection? Imran as Aslam is like watching a kid dress up for a fancy dress competition.

Sonakshi Sinha straight after her stellar performance in Lootera is a farce as the gangster’s moll. And the flimsy love triangle she seems to be part of is laughable to say the least. Not least her romancing Imran Khan which is plain nauseating. In fact a more believable couple would have been Akshay Kumar romancing Imran Khan!

A word to the wise, Akshay Kumar is better off playing his smart talking con man characters, glorifying the cause of Punjabis every where, Sonakshi is in danger of being typecast if she continues in the same vein and Imran Khan had better call up mamujaan Aamir to quickly produce a film for him.

Rating:- 2.5/5.0

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