Tips to boost Adsense Revenue

Lot of website owners consider that tons of traffic and ad placements are good enough to increase adsenseHow to apply for Google Adsense account ?. Read more ... » earnings, but there are various other factors that account into boosting into your adsense earnings.

Content Type:- A lot depends on the type of content. Make sure that the content your are writing must be clean and clear.This make the advertiser more confident about yielding positive results .

Ads Appeal:-Blending your adsense ads just like your website is very crucial as it will increase your CTR(The clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions, page views, or queries you received).When the ads are in the way that looks like the site, people click more on them. They click on them that will take them to a different page on your site.

Limit Number of Ads:-Make sure that your site is not filled with too many ads, too many ads sends a wrong message to your visitor; he might get confused or consider your site as a spam, something you would for sure  hate about.

Website Layout:-Your website layout creates first impression on the visitor of the site, so make sure you create a positive impression of the visitor. Also make sure that the ads should be in harmony with the visitors eye and site layout.

 AdSizes:-Adsizes do matter a lot in boosting your adsense revenue. The most recommended ads unit sizes are 728*90,336*280 and 300*250.We would recommend you to add 728*90 banner as header or at the top where it is easily visible,336*280 above the blog post(incase of a blog) and 300*250 on the sidebar.

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